Very loud noise when playing first song

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Very loud noise when playing first song

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I've had a very strange error while using Play. When the program is started up and the first song is played, occasionally a very loud and ear-piercing tone is emitted from the speakers for about three seconds. As you can imagine, this is extremely disconcerting. This tone sometimes kills off the correct volume levels for OS X, meaning that after the tone is emitted, the general volume of the speakers is much lower than it should be. That is only fixable by a restart.

I've tried without success to pin down any correlation, but had not much luck. My best guess is this. On occasion, but especially when I start up Play, then quit it without playing anything, Play emits a short tone of about half a second as it quits. When it next starts up, the chance of a ear-splitting tone is much, much higher.

I know this bug sounds strange, and I'm sorry I can't provide more information than that. I have no idea what is happening!

Thanks in advance for your help.
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