Basic Operation.

Get help on playing your audio with Play.
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Basic Operation.

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I'm sorry for the simple nature of this post, but I need some info on the basic operation of Play.


How to create and save playlists.

What the two windows are for and how they work...clearly one is the queue, but the other?

How is incorporated and how to use it...


Basically I need a help file, unstable 02-18-04 doesn't seem to have one. Thanks. G.
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Re: Basic Operation.

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Here is a quote from the README file included with 0.2:
Audio playback in Play is performed from the Play Queue, a list of tracks from your Library that you would like to listen to. This allows the flexibility to browse, search, and edit tracks in your Library without changing the order in which your tracks will be played.

To add files to your Library:
1. Select Add to Library… from the File menu and choose the files or folders to add.
⁃ Alternatively, drag files or folders to the Library (bottom) pane of the main window.

To add files to the Play Queue:
1. Double-click tracks in your Library.
⁃ Alternatively, drag one or more tracks to the Play Queue (top) pane of the main window.

To play files in the Play Queue:
1. Double-click any track currently in the Play Queue.
⁃ The first file added (by double-clicking) to the Play Queue should begin playing automatically

To customize which fields are displayed for tracks in the Library and Play Queue:
1. Control-click or right-click the table column headers
2. Checked columns will be displayed
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