Flac metadata

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Flac metadata

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I've been trying Play this morning and it seems just what i was looking for. A better alternative to the bloated iTunes.

However, i've having troubles with my flac files. I first dropped some flac files in the library when i saw the metadata was inexistant, all was white except the comment field fortunately, otherwise i guess i wouldn't even have seen there were files in the library.
I switched to Max to tag them, because it's inadequate to do it in Play, as you don't have the file name, and don't know what you're doing. Maybe it would nice to display somehow the finder filename when there is no metadata, à la iTunes. It would be great too, to be able to convert filename into metadata (be it in Play or Max), would save a lot of time!
So i edit them in MediaRage, but when i drop them on Play again, there are not even anymore recognized. Same for the new version of Max.
Cog, on the other hand, see and handle them nicely.

I hope MediaRage didn't blow up my files.

Is there something wrong with the new metadata handling maybe?

Let me know if i can give you more details on the problem.

Thanks for your work.

EDIT : Hmm sorry seems the problem solved itself when i relaunched Play. Still an odd behaviour maybe?
Please consider the feature i mentionned though!
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Post by RonaldPR »

Next time, consider "Tag" for editing metadata. It shows the file names.
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Post by z15 »

there IS a filename field in play. ctrl-click (or rightclick) on the bar that shows the fields in the library / play queue and select "filename".

only problem is that when you're editing metadata, you don't see it, and it doesn't seem to be a filtersearchable field. but when you browse the files you can see the filenames of files that aren't properly tagged, which helps a lot already.
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Post by Xou »

Ah thanks everyone, it helped. Didn't search enough the application it seems!

Thanks for the tip, Tag is nice enough and free. Just miss the artwork integration!
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