Burning 24/96 download to DVD-Audio

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Burning 24/96 download to DVD-Audio

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I am new to this. I Just downloaded the Nine Inch Nails 24/96 and would like to burn this to a DVD to play back in my universal disc player. I am using a macbook computer with a DVD writer. I burned one disc but it saved it as "data". I cannot seem to find an option to burn it as a music file.
Also- I have converted the download to AIFF so that I can store it in my I-tunes. I did this because I have a USB DAC that can decode this resolution.


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Re: Burning 24/96 download to DVD-Audio

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Your best bet is the 24/96 AIFF in iTunes (I have this same album).

Play.app supports the original 24/96 FLAC files, but I don't think that playback is bit-accurate yet. This is unconfirmed.

There seems to be no freely-available documentation about the DVD-Audio standard, and so you probably won't find free tools like Play.app or Cog supporting it. If I'm wrong, though, I'd love to get some links to other options!

I would love to see DVD-Audio support anywhere on the Mac, but it's not easy without support from Apple, or open standard. As far as I know, the only program anywhere which can create DVD-Audio is discWelder Bronze from Minnetonka Audio. This used to be PC-only software, but they seem to have added Mac support. I would buy a copy, since it's only $99, but my PS3 doesn't support DVD-Audio and I'm not about to buy a dedicated player.

Instead, I purchased a license for the dts encoder a few years back, and use my Mac to create DTS Music Discs. I haven't quite figured out a workflow for a DVD-Video disc with 24/96 dts, though.
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Re: Burning 24/96 download to DVD-Audio

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Well last night i tried burning it to DVD-A with discwelder and it worked.. kinda.

i could hear the songs... but they kept skipping around. Like the DVD player was having trouble reading it. I then tried to burn it slower with verification etc and got the same result.

any tips?
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Re: Burning 24/96 download to DVD-Audio

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xACT will create DVD-AUDIO disc images from flac files
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