Issue with play file reading.

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Issue with play file reading.

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hi there, I think there are some issues with your file reading algorithm.

I haven't checked it out yet , but , here is the thing that I am experimenting.

I have a 320 kbps Mp3 that I want to read from my HomeServer. ( it's an ubuntu linux machine 7.04, connected via netatalk to my MacBook 2gb Ram and running Leopard ).

Ok here is the problem:

When I try to play this file with play, ( and some other similar files ), the mp3 starts having some weird problems in the middle of the file, then at the end, the problem is for sure that Play is not reading the file fast as it should. I thought the problem could be my Ubuntu server, so I tried to listen the same file with iTunes 7.6.2 ( god knows I hate iTunes ), but I didin't have problems listeing to it.

This is weird, if you need like my network card transfer rates when listening to the file, I could do that for you just for you to check iTunes VS Play performance :) , it would be great to have this feature working well in play.

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