Digital room corretion with Play

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Digital room corretion with Play

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i'm playing around with DRC (Digital room correction). The aim is to minimise room influence to the audio signal. For this purpose i am looking for a player which does NOT do anything to the ripped audio files (av, flac or aiff). No Volume contol,... It should just send the signal untouched to my external DAC (Digital-analog converter) which is connected via usb.
Play seems to be the solution, cause it supports audio untits (neccessary for convoling), but does it what i tried to describe befoe? (Leave the signal untouched)

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Re: Digital room corretion with Play

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Currently Play uses an AUGraph that looks like this: Audio Generator -> Peak Limiter -> Any Effects Units -> Output. The volume setting affects the Output unit, but if it is set at unity the signal won't be touched. The Peak Limiter is there to apply pre-amplification and replay gain settings, and to prevent clipping. If you set replay gain to none and the preamp to 0 dB the signal will be left alone, except in the rare case of a floating point file with samples greater than 1.0 which will be hard limited to 1.0 to prevent clipping.
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