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Sort feature request

Post by humbleice »

Hello, I've just started using Play and I've noticed that it doesn't want to sort files as someone (like myself) would expect. Ideally when I sort by Artist, it would automatically also sort by Album and the Track number. This would make it easier to navigate my Artists' collection in a readable way. Likely, if I sort by Album, it would also automatically sort by Track number; again for readability.

Currently Play will take the last sort option and apply a new sort to that. For example, if you sort by song name and then sort by artist, you will make a list of all an artist's songs in alphabetical order. But in order to sort by artist, album, and track number, you have to click the track sort, then the album sort, then the artist sort - in that order.

Other user thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Thanks for the great software,
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Re: Sort feature request

Post by smiler »

I started using Play properly today. It took a while to click with me, but Play's sorting is a fantastic feature — one I wish were available in more applications.

However, I agree it is not obvious. As I said, it took a while for me to realise what was going on. I read somewhere else on the forum the suggestion of displaying the current sort-order somewhere. Perhaps in addition or instead of this, a specific preference should be provided in another window or the Preferences window?

One additional annoyance: Play doesn't seem to follow the main sort order when adding tracks from the library drawer. For example, when browsing Collection/Artists/ and selecting "Add to Play Queue" from the context-menu of an artist name, the tracks are queued in an arbitrary order that I cannot discern.

[Edit:] I've just noticed that Play does this when using the bottom pane also, when selecting "Add to Play Queue>Tracks from «album name»".
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