a couple feature suggestions

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a couple feature suggestions

Post by ideasculptor » Wed Jan 18, 2006 8:09 am

1. When I rip to flac, I always want a copy to go into my 'lossy' library as well. I'd love the option to include the output format in the output filename, so that I could have the flac version go to /Media/Audio/FLAC/discArtist/discTitle/trackNumber-trackTitle and have the lossy version go to /Media/Audio/AAC/discArtist/discTitle/trackNumber-trackTitle. It seems a shame to have to transcode the FLAC files to AAC after the ripping process, since there is so much CPU available during the ripping process which could be used to encode into 2 different formats simultaneously. I can't do that without having separate directories for each format, although I guess I could write a script to walk the directory structure and copy the AAC files to a parallel structure. At least AAC and FLAC use 2 different file suffixes, unlike apple lossless and AAC.

2. I'd like the option to automatically add tracks to the current iTunes library. That way, I don't have to surf through my entire collection, looking for the new directories. This could probably be accomplished through some pretty simple applescripting. I'd like to be able to specify this option on a per output format basis, so that I can have AAC files added to iTunes, but other formats get ignored.

3. I have some older material which has multiple formats mixed together (apple lossless and AAC). I'd like to be able to convert it all by just transcoding the entire directory, but then it will cause both formats to be transcoded. I'd like to be able to specify input formats for bulk transcoding operations, so that I can just select the top directory of my old library and have all lossless files in it transcoded to FLAC and placed in my FLAC library according to the tags.

I'll likely explore adding these features myself. I have 10 years of dev experience, but none in Cocoa or Objective-C, so it will definitely be a learning operation. If you could provide some good places to start reading the code in order to implement the above features, I'd sure appreciate it. Of course, any changes will be submitted.

Thanks for the excellent app. I've only ripped one cd and transcoded another, but I'm impressed so far.

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