Feature Request: MusicBrainz Replacement

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Feature Request: MusicBrainz Replacement

Post by ozmosis82 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:08 am

So, I realise I'm more than likely beating a dead horse, but I'd really like to see some other CD metadata-fetching process implemented in a future version of Max. Having a "useless" MusicBrainz button and having to manually run a script every time I insert a new CD is a bit tedious. (Perhaps there's a way to have the script autorun, or something else that I'm not aware of.)

That said, the script is helpful and works quite well, and I know it could be worse -- I could have to manually enter all of the metadata myself for each and every CD.

I did do a search for "freedb," etc. and it seems the consensus is "Use the Script," so I'm not the only one asking.

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