Saving the queue list!

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Saving the queue list!

Post by scross28 » Tue Apr 25, 2006 8:08 pm

I'll start off by saying that this program is killer and has become my choice for encoding my CD collection and all my friends collections as well.
So here's what happened to me. I'll start by saying that I'm on a MacBookPro with 4 external Firewire Burners.
I began ripping CD's into the system. I had about 70 CD's worth of music in the encoding queue when I decided to stop ripping and let the encode queue catch up. I then had to burn a CD in toast for a friend. Big mistake. Launching Toast caused Max to crash. I lost all that CD ripping effort.
So what I thought would be great is to have Max saving a queue sheet/file or something so that it may continue to encode the files on the event of a application crash.
Thanks for such a great app. Now back to ripping :)

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