Max & iTunes = sometimes disc does not mount?

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Max & iTunes = sometimes disc does not mount?

Post by neil.baldwin » Tue May 06, 2008 5:52 am

I've been (re)ripping all my discs to FLAC with Max, also using the iTunes Metadata script to, well, grab the metadata. Sometimes (I'd say maybe 40% of the time) when I insert a disc into the computer (MacBook using an external USB DVD-ROM drive but it also does it with the internal drive on the MacBook too) iTunes will get the disc information from Gracenote and you briefly see it flash up in the program window but then it disappears. Max however has popped up a new CD window with the correct number of tracks etc. If I then load up Disk Utility, it tells me that the disc is not mounted and a manual forced mount causes the correct behaviour (iTunes gets the disc information again but this time it stays).

It's my suspicion that it's something to do with Max and iTunes running at the same time as I've never experienced this before with just iTunes though I've yet to determine a pattern as it just seems to be random. My previous bulk ripping was done on a different Mac and an older version of iTunes though so I did some searching to see if there's any people having problems along these lines with iTunes alone but there doesn't seem to be anything.

Anyone else experienced the same and did you solve it?

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