I want my button back!

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I want my button back!

Post by Rebel » Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:04 pm

In 0.7.1 or just before, I found 2 new buttons located at the bottom of the Converter window. One on the left called Encoder Settings, and one on the right called Encode. After updating to 0.8 they're gone.
I was glad when they showed up as this made it easier for me to access the encoder settings. The button on the right has now been replaced with an Encode button in the toolbar, which is fine, but there is no button to access the settings. Of course I can press , but I'm a mouser-I don't like to use the keyboard unless I have to.
The other option is to go to the Menu Bar and click Max, then click Preferences, but that's slow and too much clicking. All I want is a simple button in the toolbar to access the settings.

Can support for .cue files and a real log be expected anytime in the near future??

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