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Post by sledgehammer » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:52 am

I wonder if someone have a good idea of how I can accomplish following >

I use this for my Compilations as custom output format

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{fileFormat}/Compilations/{albumTitle}/{trackNumber} - {trackArtist} - {trackTitle}
and if the year is the same for all the songs in the compilation

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{fileFormat}/Compilations/{albumTitle} - {albumYear}/{trackNumber} - {trackArtist} - {trackTitle}
and this for my non-Compilations

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{fileFormat}/{albumArtist} - {albumYear} - {albumTitle}/{trackNumber} - {trackTitle}
This is not really a big problem cause I only need to change the output format but anyways.

Is there any possibility to have Max using different paths with custom output when compilation is ticked. Using default output works great but I don't want to use the iTunes filing methods.

Any tips are welcome, even completely different.

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