Possible error with Max transcoding the file?

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Possible error with Max transcoding the file?

Post by oconnellc » Wed Feb 07, 2007 3:40 am

I used EAC to rip my collection to .flac, and I then used Max to transcode to apple lossless. I then import the file into my ITunes library. I have a mac-mini, so I try to play the song using Front Row. No problem. Then, restart the mac and try to play in Front Row. Problem... I get an error message telling me I don't have the rights to play that song. So, leave Front Row, open ITunes and play the song. Go back to Front Row, and I can now play the song with no problem. This is repeatable. For some reason, it looks like I have to have ITunes 'touch' the file before Front Row will play it. And, the system *forgets* about that touch if I have to restart the mac-mini.

So, I do a test and just take the same CD and Import it into ITunes directly, setting ITunes to import using the Apple Lossless encoder. I don't know if it is significant or not, but the files are slightly different size. The version of the song that was ripped to .flac and then transcoded using Max is 49,942,528 bytes (i.e Size on disk using windows explorer->properties). The version of the file that was imported directly using ITunes is 49,963,008 bytes (same thing, Size on disk, checked using windows explorer).

Has anyone else seen this? Anyone else ever tried to play music in Front Row? Am I crazy?

<edit, I am using Max 7.1, downloaded a week or so ago>

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